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PinkDrive Schools Programme aims to educate learners on the importance of healthy living and addressing cancer risk factors.

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PinkDrive presents our new nursery and primary schools programme in fun and innovative ways. Our aim is to educate learners on the importance of healthy living and addressing cancer risk factors.

An investment in your child’s future is to empower them with the knowledge that “Early Detection Will Help Prolong A Life”.

Nursery and Primary School children will learn about:

  • Being Sun Smart
  • Healthy and Smart Eating Choices
  • Active Mind and Body through Exercise
  • Dangers of Smoking/ Hubbly Bubbly

Intermediate to High School pupils will be educated about:

Breast and Cervical cancer, Prostate and Testicular cancer and how to lower the risks of cancer. We strive to keep empowering learners with key messaging around these subjects, as “Early Detection Will Help Prolong A Life”.

For more information, please contact
Loraine Garson – / 011 998 8022





Latest Statistics

  • Mammograms: 19,470
  • Clinical Breast Examinations: 143,130
  • Women Educated on Breast Health: 413,456
  • Breast Check Referrals: 2,986
  • Pap Smears: 4,181
  • Cervical Cancer Education: 5,389
  • Male Breast Check Education: 7,469
  • Male Breast Check Examinations: 2,852
  • Male Breast Check Referrals: 22
  • PSA Testing: 12,193
  • Men Educated on Prostate Cancer: 38,116
  • Prostate Cancer Referrals: 39
  • Last updated: 4 October 2019

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