*Please Note: Any shop orders done between 11 December 2019 and 8 January 2020, will only be processed after 8 January 2020.
PinkDrive’s offices will be closed from 13 December 2019 and will reopen on 7 January 2020.

Corporate Wellness


PinkDrive offers tailor made Corporate Wellness packages to companies as part of their wellness offering to their staff or surrounding communities.

Mobile Women’s Health Unit

The new Women’s Health Unit boasts a complete women’s health section, offering Mammography and Gynaecology services.

Mobile Breast Check Unit

This is a mobile breast clinic with a private clinical breast examination and consultation area.

Mobile Mammography Unit

The mobile mammography unit has state of the art mammography equipment, operated by a mammographer, setup in a private room.

The following services can be offered as part of the Corporate Wellness Packages

  1. Mobile Mammography;
  2. Gynaecology Services (Pap smears);
  3. Breast Cancer Education (includes clinical breast examinations);
  4. PSA screening (prostate cancer) and education for men;
  5. Glucose testing;
  6. Blood pressure testing.

* All services are conducted by qualified medical personnel.

For more information, please contact Jacqui Gassner – jacqui@pinkdrive.co.za

Latest Statistics

  • Mammograms: 20,294
  • Clinical Breast Examinations: 147,742
  • Women Educated on Breast Health: 419,887
  • Breast Check Referrals: 3,199
  • Pap Smears: 4,540
  • Cervical Cancer Education: 6,196
  • Male Breast Check Education: 7,986
  • Male Breast Check Examinations: 3,224
  • Male Breast Check Referrals: 24
  • PSA Testing: 13,421
  • Men Educated on Prostate Cancer: 40,035
  • Prostate Cancer Referrals: 40
  • Last updated: 10 December 2019

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